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Student Spotlight - Jane Surman

Date - 8 April 2020

Enjoying sport and science at Biloela High School set up Jane Surman on a pathway to studying physiotherapy at UQ and she hasn’t regretted one minute of it.

Now in her fourth and final year, Jane has taken up a regional placement in Toowoomba – part time with SQRH Health and Wellness Clinic (HaWC) and part time with Optimise Health.

“This has been a really great combination for learning. At HaWC I get to spend more time with each participant and understand their health journey and at Optimise I’m working with the practice physiotherapist seeing lots of patients with diverse needs.

“I’ve also realised that there are lots of similarities – the importance of communication, building a rapport with patients or participants and that advice and education are the most powerful tools,” she said.

Jane has appreciated getting to know the HaWC participants and has noticed they like to be part of students’ learning.

“A few participants have described themselves as being a good challenge for us to work with and I’ve really valued that aspect of the clinic,” she said.

Prior to the Coronavirus crisis, Jane and other health students staying at SQRH accommodation enjoyed participating in parkrun and playing tennis. They are adapting their non-clinical time to other pastimes that allow social distancing and without any gathering of people.

Following her successful placement, Jane said she is keen to apply for a regional or rural job and, while she hopes to find a good rural health professional mentor, she feels ready to start her career knowing her clinical experience has prepared her for rural practice.

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