Claire's Story

Date: May 2024
Location: Dalby Hospital
University: The University of Queensland
Field of Study: Nursing and Midwifery

What did you enjoy most about your rural placement?

I was able to immerse myself in the community and put myself out there socially. I felt really welcomed by the Dalby hospital staff and rarely went more than a few days without a social invite. When on placement, I was exposed to a variety of learning experiences and cared for people from all walks of life. As such, I felt that the placement helped to form my identity within the midwifery profession. Over my time there, I got to know the staff well and they staff were eager to facilitate my learning, ensuring I was able to meet all of my learning goals.

Would you recommend a rural placement to other students? Why?

I would absolutely recommend a rural placement. It allowed me to deepen my midwifery skills as I was challenged every day with a new situation. As I developed a relationship with the staff, they were keen to involve me in interesting cases and challenge me by allowing me to act as primary carer with supervision. I feel that I would not be as confident in my skills as I am now without this experience.

What are your top tips for students considering a rural placement?

  1. Make sure you are conscientious and get yourself out there. When the staff see that you are keen to learn, they will be sure to involve you in interesting learning experiences.
  2. Make sure you have a Telstra sim or you won't have service!

Did you stay in SQRH accommodation or have interaction with SQRH staff?

Yes, I met Telia Simpson while on placement and she acted as a learning facilitator. She was a great help and made herself available to discuss any questions or concerns I may have. I felt supported knowing she was there.

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