Lilly's Story

Date: June 2024
Location: Goondiwindi Hospital
University: The University of Queensland
Field of Study: Midwifery

What did you enjoy most about your rural placement?

My rural placement was the most exciting and enriching experience. No doubt, it was a daunting first couple days, but everyone was so lovely and so welcoming. It was great for me personally, as I stepped out of my comfort zone and experienced something new that I don't think I would've seen myself do a few years ago. Working with a small group of midwives was incredible and I learnt so much every day. The change of pace compared to tertiary hospitals was a really good experience and I got to form great relationships with the women and families I cared for. I felt really supported throughout my placement and there was certainly never a dull moment. Photo of Myself and Chloe (mid. student) on my last day.

Would you recommend a rural placement to other students? Why?

Absolutely!! I think you really grow as a person and it is important to see different ways of life that is different to inner city living. You also learn just how much you take for granted in the city and how much calmer life is in the country! It is such a rewarding experience. You learn such an array of skills that you don't get in tertiary hospitals, and you become a much more independent practitioner and grow so much in your critical thinking skills.

What are your top tips for students considering a rural placement?

Don't be disheartened by the first couple of days/weeks if you feel out of your comfort zone, trust me it will get better. Talk to the other students at the hospital/accommodation and hang out together! Joining in fitness classes/social sport is also a great way to meet people. If you hear people talking about a social event, don't be afraid to say "hey can I come?". I actually found it difficult to get my uni work done as I was so busy hanging out with people and doing things!!

Did you stay in SQRH accommodation or have interaction with SQRH staff?

Yes, I stayed in SQRH accommodation, it was great! Such good amenities and social space. I also was in touch and was visited by Telia Simpson, who was such a great support.

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