Scott's Story

Date: June 2024
Location: Ballie Henderson Hospital Toowoomba
University: University of Southern Queensland
Field of Study: Paramedicine

What did you enjoy most about your rural placement?

The exposure to clinic operations and the interprofessional learning opportunities presented.

Would you recommend a rural placement to other students? Why?

Absolutely. I gained a range of new skills and insights that are directly transferable to my future role as a paramedic.

The timing of this placement was ideal as I have spent over 200 hours on-road with QAS and have a good understanding of the patient cohorts we engage with. The clinic exposed me to similar people but afforded me the time to learn more about their motivations, their understanding about their specific condition and explore their barriers to improving their health trajectory.

The interprofessional model also provided the opportunity to learn about other disciplines and how they contribute to supporting the health care goals of the participants.

What are your top tips for students considering a rural placement?

Do it. Expand your learning and challenge your understanding of how to deliver the best patient centred care outside of the metropolitan areas.

Did you stay in SQRH accommodation or have interaction with SQRH staff?

I interacted with clinical educators in the Toowoomba SQRH Wellness clinic. In all of these interactions, the SQRH team was highly supportive and interested in my learning ensuring I got the most from my time at the clinic.

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