Student Workshops

SQRH Cultural Training - Toowoomba

Start: 1:00 PM 5 August 2024
Finish: 4:00 PM 5 August 2024
Location: SQRH
Mode: Face to Face

Learning about Indigenous culture is essential for health students and practitioners to develop the ability to respect, coexist, and communicate with people of different cultural backgrounds and ethnic groups.

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to connect and learn together about the cultural history of Australia and will gain a greater understanding in how you can actively participate in closing the gap in healthcare for our Indigenous communities.

This workshop provides training around the Indigenous peoples of Australia. You will learn about:

· Indigenous history, health statistics, and what cultural safety means

· Kinship and Family and the impact of the Stolen Generation

· Language and the power of language in healthcare interactions

Please email SQRH if you are unable to attend - sqrh@uq.edu.au

Space is limited for this workshop and attendance is capped. There will be a waitlist if the event is full.

To register please follow this link - SQRH Cultural Training - Toowoomba