Student Workshops

UniSQ NUR3799 Only - Telehealth for Clinical Practice Training Modules

Start: 1:30 PM 23 February 2024
Finish: 4:00 PM 26 April 2024
Location: SQRH
Mode: Online

It is important to learn about telehealth, particularly when working rural. SQRH and the University of Queensland are offering these training modules University of Southern Queensland NUR3799 students to enhance their skills in delivering clinical practice via telehealth. These resources have been developed by the University of Queensland's Centre for Research Excellence in Telehealth and Centre for Online Health.

As part of NUR3799 you are required to complete specific modules available from the Telehealth for Clinical Practice online training modules.

The following modules must be completed as part of the NUR3799 course:

• Module 1: Fundamentals of Telehealth

• Module 2: Telehealth Technology and Equipment

• Module 4.3: Telehealth in Nursing

• Module 4.9: Telehealth in Indigenous Health

• Module 5: Evaluation of Telehealth

As you work through the modules, you will complete a workbook, which is to be submitted to your course coordinator at the end of your course. The questions within the workbook correlate with the activities within the modules. As you work through the modules, complete the activities and questions within the workbook.

Once registered, you will be enrolled into the online modules. You will receive an email from SQRH providing instructions on how to access the modules.

* When registering please use your UniSQ email address *

To register, please follow this link - UniSQ NUR3799 Only - Telehealth for Clinical Practice Training Modules