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Placement Provider Spotlight: Better Movement Clinic

Date - 16 December 2020

Student supervision is a two way street and Better Movement Clinic Physiotherapist Laura Brown has seen a wonderful mutual benefit for the practice and for students.

Working with the SQRH Clinical Education and the SQRH Health and Wellness Clinic, physiotherapy students have been working at Better Movement since July last year.

The students work part time at the Health and Wellness Clinic and part time with the Better Movement Clinic and Laura believes that in itself is a good learning for rural practice – being flexible and adaptable and managing time efficiently.

Laura has found the students have really valuable ideas to contribute and they have new evidence that ensures the clinic is delivering the best outcomes for our clients.

At the Better Movement Clinic the students are also learning from other disciplines and this prepares them for working in an interprofessional way.

Laura has seen that clients enjoy being part of student learning and she has witnessed great interactions between students and clients.

The Better Movement Clinic values having student placements and the team feel it’s important for students to see the value of regional and rural practice.


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