rural health research

Enhancing access to research opportunities for health professionals in our region

SQRH is committed to developing and supporting a body of research that improves the recruitment and retention of nursing, midwifery and allied health professionals in rural Queensland. This will ultimately improve the health and wellbeing of Queenslanders living in these areas.

In identifying research opportunities with industry, government departments, professional bodies and the wider community, SQRH seeks to develop participatory, solution-focused research projects that are authentic, sustainable and based on mutual respect and collaboration between researchers and the research participants.

SQRH research staff actively contribute to the broader rural health research agenda by:

  • Working with rural health professionals to enhance their capacity and capability in conducting rural health research
  • Collaborating in research activities with relevant stakeholders
  • Participating in relevant research committees and groups.
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Areas of research

SQRH focuses on five broad areas of research:

  1. Rural health workforce development.
    Projects that create sustainable recruitment and retention strategies.
  2. Rural training strategies.
    Research into innovative strategies to deliver rural health training.
  3. Research into innovative rural health service delivery models.
    Using telehealth to provide clinical supervision and mentoring to rural based clinical educators; research into the acceptability and accessibility of telehealth learning modules.
  4. Health issues directly impacting on rural communities.
    Developing research solutions based on the health profiles of communities across Southern Queensland.
  5. Improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.
    Working in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders to develop research priorities.

More information

For further information about SQRH research projects please contact us.