2018 Year In Review


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2022 Year in Review Thumb

2022 Year in Review

Key highlights this year include:

  • SQRH grows in St George with a new education hub in the works
  • Groundbreaking aged cared education centre in Chinchilla begins establishment
  • A celebration of five years of operations for SQRH
  • New student accommodation in Chinchilla and St George
2021 Year In Review Thumb

2021 Year In Review

Key highlights this year include:

  • Successful Extended Rural Placements Summit
  • Highly rated and well attended Aspire2Health Program
  • Increase in student placement opportunities
  • Increased environmental sustainability across our facilities
2020 Year In Review Thumb

2020 Year In Review

Some of the key highlights from 2020 include:

  • The official opening of the $3 million Training Facility in Charleville
  • Facilitating 1,476 regional student placements
  • 7,133 weeks spent by students on rural placement
2019 Year In Review Thumb

2019 Year In Review

Some key highlights include:

  • The official opening of SQRH Toowoomba Training Facility
  • Announcement of funding for the construction of the SQRH Charleville Training Facility
  • Establishment of the SQRH Health and Wellness Clinic