Student Workshops

Telehealth for Clinical Practice Training Modules- for Students

Start: 9:00 AM 11 April 2023
Finish: 12:00 PM 22 June 2023
Location: Southern Queensland Rural Health Toowoomba (SQRH)
Mode: Online Modules and Face to face/Zoom workshop.

SQRH and the University of Queensland are offering access to online training modules for health students wanting to enhance their skills in delivering clinical practice via telehealth. These resources have been developed by the University of Queensland's Centre for Research Excellence in Telehealth and Centre for Online Health.

Eligibility for free access to these modules is only available to students currently studying at UQ, University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ), Darling Downs Health (DDH) and South West Hospital and Health Service (SWHHS). Please register here.

The training is comprised of 6 modules: 5 online modules (self-pace learning), along with a compulsory practicum to attend on completion of the online modules.