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Taking learning to a whole new level 16 December 2020 The SQRH Charleville Clinical Training Facility has the latest technology installed to help every aspect of learning including a fully equipped clinical simulation laboratory.… Check it out
Telehealth - Delivering Learning and Care 16 December 2020 Students not only learn how to use telehealth equipment, they also learn to conduct consultations via telehealth clinics at the SQRH Charleville Clinical Training Facility.… Check it out
Interprofessional Learning Opportunities 16 December 2020 SQRH staff are excited to continue interprofessional learning opportunities for health students in the new facility. The students come together from a number of professions and learn with, from and about each other in the context of problem-based complex patient scenarios and deepen their understanding of each other’s contribution to patient-centred care.… Check it out
Outdoor Learning Area and Yarning Circle 16 December 2020 Students will have a unique opportunity to deepen their cultural understanding at the new SQRH Charleville Clinical Training Facility. In consultation with the Bidjara Elders and community, SQRH has incorporated a yarning circle in the facility grounds where students, clinical education staff and local Indigenous people can talk and learn.… Check it out
Plastering, suturing, resuscitation….. all in a day’s work! 16 December 2020 A total of 121 high school students from across the Darling Downs and South West participated in Aspire2Health sessions during August and September.… Check it out
Placement Provider Spotlight: Better Movement Clinic 16 December 2020 Student supervision is a two way street and Better Movement Clinic Physiotherapist Laura Brown has seen a wonderful mutual benefit for the practice and for students.… Check it out